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The Member Connections Committee is here for you. The Committee is made up of INTIX members who have volunteered to be a resource for you. The Member Connection Committee is here to welcome and help all industry professionals, new and long-time members, get the most out of their membership. The Committee strives to engage and facilitate conversations both in person as well as digitally, through, various social media channels, newsletters and more. 

The Member Connections Committee is responsible for sending out Welcome Emails to all new INTIX Members, they provide knowledge on how to sign up to be a Mentee or Mentor, as well as assisting with the First Timer’s Program during the Annual Conference. The volunteer committee team does all of this and more while keeping the members engaged throughout the year!

Resources for Members

INTIX Forums: The Member Connections committee is dedicated to keeping several forums open for your use and to gain knowledge.

Access the Forums by CLICKING HERE!

Member Connections Committee Forum - Meet the volunteers who make up the Members Connections Committee and grow your resource connections.
Ask a Peer a Question Forum - Ask any question and look for helpful insight from those who have been around the block already!
Ticket Life with COVID-19 - Learn what other venues are doing and how they are coping during this time!

INTIX Mentor Program
: Join the INTIX Mentor Program! This program allows for experienced and knowledgeable industry veterans to help guide new INTIX Members for all things ticketing and other industry topics!

Learn more about the INTIX Mentor Program by CLICKING HERE!

Contact a Member Connections Committee Chair
All INTIX members are also encouraged to reach out to any one on the Member Connections Committee privately using the information provided below.  When contacting any of our experts privately, please identify yourself as a user of the INTIX Member Connections service.


Mandi Grimm, Member Connections Chair

Kelley Monts de Oca, Member Connections Vice-Chair

Kacy Woody, Member Connections Vice-Chair

Tammy Enright, Board Liaison