INTIX | Ticketing Conference | Past Conferences

Annual Conferences

2019-"A Texas Roundup: Technology and Hospitality" Grapevine, TX
2018-"Where History Meets the Future" Baltimore, MD
2017-"Billets on the Bayou" New Orleans, LA

2016-"Strong Leaders Create Magical Results" Anaheim, CA
2015-"Go the Extra Mile" Denver, CO
2014-"INTIX@35 Years: Defining Ticket Management" Chicago, IL
2013-"Magical Service Sparks Real Results!" Lake Buena Vista, FL
2012-"MISSION POSSIBLE: Resources; Returns; Results" San Antonio, TX
2011-"Service: The Bridge to Customer Loyalty” San Francisco, CA
2010-"Your Passport to Ticketing” Toronto, ON, Canada
2009-"30th Anniversary Conference & Exhibition” Salt Lake City, UT
2008-"29th Annual Conference & Exhibition" Chicago, IL
2007-"Houston, We have INTIX" Houston, TX
2006-"A Whole New Revolution in Ticketing" Boston, MA
2005-"The Value of Ticketing" Hollywood, CA
2004-"Key to Success" INTIX 25th Anniversary Conference & Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA
2003-"INTIX in Denver 2003" Denver, CO
2002-"IN TOUCH, IN TUNE, INTIX" Atlanta, GA
2001-"2001 AD: A Ticket Odyssey" Toronto, Canada
2000-"INTIX on the Rio Grande: Journey to 2000" Albuquerque, NM
1999-"20th Year INTIX: A Music City Celebration" Nashville, TN
1998-"Capital City, Capital Conference: INTIX We Trust" Washington, DC
1997-"Stake Your Claim in the New Ticketing Frontier" Denver, CO
1996-"The 21st Century Workplace" Chicago, IL
1995-"Shaping the Future" San Diego, CA
1994-"Setting the Stage for Tomorrow's Opportunities" New York, NY
1993-"Tickets and All That Jazz" New Orleans, LA
1992-"Focus on the Future" Vancouver, Canada
1991-"Service: The Price of Admission" Atlanta, GA
1990-"BOMI by the Bay: Gateway to the Nineties" San Francisco, CA
1989-"Box Office: A Changing Environment" Tampa, FL
1988-"Tickets and the Law" Las Vegas, NV
1987-"Deep in the Heart of Tickets" San Antonio, TX
1986-"The Future is Here: Are We Ready?" New York, NY
1985-"Box Office Means Business!" Toronto, Canada
1984-"Box Office...Part of the Management Team" Los Angeles, CA
1983-"Box Office in Transition...New Perspectives" London, England
1982-"Managing the Staff for Productivity...Creative Controls & Technological Assistance" St. Louis, MO
1981-"Being Responsive to the Times: What Your Business Is, Where It Is Going" Atlanta, GA
1980-"Challenge of the 80's...Instant Service" Milwaukee, WI

Summer Conferences

2009-Best of Both Worlds One-Day Seminar Tour
         INTIX and GHATA present "Customer Service” Galveston, TX
         INTIX and LVRTA present "Expanding Your Global Reach – Marketing Your Tickets Internationally”

         Las Vegas, NV
         INTIX and TSG present "Suit Up & Show Up – Leadership” Burnsville, MN
         INTIX and GaPTA present "Customer Service – Southern Style” Atlanta, GA
2008-Summer Conference and Tabletop Trade Show, New York, NY
2007-Summer Conference and Tabletop Trade Show, San Diego, CA
2006-Summer Conference and Tabletop Trade Show, Minneapolis, MN
2005-"INTIX Goes To The Beach" Clearwater, FL
2004-"INTIX Goes to Washington" Washington, DC
2003-"The New Gold Rush: Patron Relationship Management" San Francisco, CA"
2002-"INTIX in Milwaukee: Back to the Future" Milwaukee, WI
2001-"Ticketing: It's Never Been Hotter!" Tempe, AZ
2000-"On Tickets, On Technology, On the Future" Syracuse, NY
1999-"What's Brewing in Tickets?" Portland, OR
1998-"What’s the Buzz" Salt Lake City, UT
1997-"One Hot City, One Hot Ticket" Cleveland, OH
1996-"A Wave of the Future: Technology & the Box Office" Charlotte, NC
1995-"Motivation, Communication & Automation: Three Steps to a Better Box Office" Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1994-"Counting On Tickets, Counting On You" Minneapolis, MN
1993-"Mile High Management:Computer Confidence, Inspired Employees" Denver, CO
1992-"Computerization: An Update" Norfolk, VA
1991-"Ethics & Standards" Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1990-"Policies & Procedures in Box Office Accounting" Kansas City,MO
1989-"Box Office as a Marketing Force" New Orleans, LA
         "Fresh Air, Fresh Ideas" Estes Park, CO
1988-"The Telephone" Philadelphia, PA
          "Policies & Procedures" Ann Arbor, MI
1987-"Box Office Accountability" Washington, DC
          "Staff Training & Development" Minneapolis, MN
          "Customer Service" San Diego, CA
1986-"Accessibility" Albany, NY
          "Policies & Procedures" Phoenix, AZ
          "Customer Service" Cleveland, OH
1985-"The Other Side of the Ticket: Policies and Procedures" Milwaukee, WI

European Conferences

2003-"ETT 2003" Geneva, Switzerland
2002-"ETT 2002" Gothenburg, Sweden
2001-"ETT 2001: Prague - The Jewel of Bohemia!" Prague, Czech Republic
2000-"ETT 2000: Where the New Millennium Begins" Barcelona, Spain
1999-"ETT ‘99: Céad Míle Fáilte, One Hundred Thousand Welcomes" Dublin, Ireland
1998-"ETT ‘98: Springtime in Paris" Paris, France
1997-"ETT ‘97 : Where Ticketing Takes Off!" London, England
1996-"ETT ‘96: One BOMI Leads To Another" Bologna, Italy
1995-"ETT ‘95: Vienna Waits For You" Vienna, Austria
1994-"ETT ‘94: Tickets & Tulips" Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1993-"Europe Talks Tickets ‘93" Copenhagen, Denmark
1992-"Europe Talks Tickets ‘92" Edinburgh, Scotland
1991-"Europe Talks Tickets ‘91" Cologne, Germany
1990-"Europe Talks Tickets" Brussels, Belgium

Asia Pacific Conferences
1996-"2nd Pacific Rim Conference & Exhibition" Sydney, Australia
1989-"Box Office Management Into the ‘90s" Sydney, Australia