INTIX | International Ticketing Association | Types and Fees

Annual membership is available to organizations, vendors and individuals. 


Open to all commercial and non-profit organizations that facilitate access to events through ticketing. INTIX organization members represent the full spectrum of performing arts, sports, entertainment and public event venues. 

  • Sustaining Organization Representative: $286
  • Supporting Organization: $335 ($60 is tax-deductible)
  • Chairman's Circle/Organization: $587 ($300 is tax-deductible)
  • Second Sustaining Member Organization Representative: $180
  • Third and Unlimited Additional Sustaining Organization Members: $119 each


Vendor memberships are exclusively for those companies who provide services and products to the ticketing industry.

  • Sustaining Vendor Representative: $328
  • Supporting Vendor: $417 ($100 is tax-deductible)
  • Chairman's Circle/Vendor $680 ($350 is tax-deductible)
  • Second Sustaining Vendor Representative: $180
  • Third and Unlimited Additional Sustaining Vendor Members: $119 each

Sustaining Organization and Vendor members may add additional members from the same organization at significantly reduced rates. Each member-representative receives all association services and benefits. 



Individual memberships are available for those not affiliated with an organization or vendor as well as those whose core professional focus is only indirectly related to ticketing. Individual memberships are also available for retired INTIX members and those affiliated with formal educational programs.

  • Sustaining: $245
  • Supporting: $296 ($60 is tax-deductible)
  • Chairman's Circle: $548 ($300 is tax-deductible)
  • Retired Sustaining: $61
  • Student Sustaining: $29

A portion of Supporting and Chairman's Circle memberships are designated for the INTIX Professional Development and Education Fund.  Members in these higher level categories receive special recognition.

All membership dues are posted in U.S. dollars.
INTIX is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Please consult a tax professional for proper reporting.