INTIX | International Ticketing Association | History


International Ticketing Association began as a conversation between Patricia Spira and Richard Carter at an IAAM regional meeting in Milwaukee. A continuation of this dialogue developed into a three-day conference focusing exclusively on box office management at the Performing Arts Center in Milwaukee in 1980. At that time, Box Office Management International or BOMI was formed. BOMI was incorporated as a nonprofit trade association in 1982 with a $65 membership fee.



From those early days of the association, annual conference attendance grew from 65 persons to the current level of over 1,000. Conferences have been held in numerous cities in the United States and Canada. From the very beginning, there was a strong interest from those living overseas and the Europe Talks Tickets conference was conceived in 1990 in response to that demand. Conferences were also held in Australia in 1989 and 1996. To meet the needs of those members who could not attend a January meeting, summer programs were created to focusing on specific themes or aspects of ticketing.



Over the years, additional programs and member services were added including an association newsletter, one-day seminars, career services, and in 2003, INTIXIntensive, advanced educational programming based on the INTIX Body of Knowledge.



In 1997, reflecting dramatic changes in box office management and ticket sales, the name of the organization was changed to the International Ticketing Association or INTIX. This name change was recognition that ticketing now encompassed such diverse responsibilities as technology, marketing, finance, customer service, and facility management and security. Today, INTIX’s roughly 1,100 members include those who have prime responsibility for these functions as well as general management, operations and sales.



As the leadership organization for entertainment ticketing, INTIX continues to offer programs and services that meet the needs of this constantly changing industry. And by doing so, INTIX will always be a valued resource for its membership.