INTIX | Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

Q: What are the benefits of being an INTIX member?

A: INTIX members are instantly connected to a network of 1,000+ professionals representing entertainment organizations of all types and sizes from across the United States, Canada and 25 countries around the world. All members honor the INTIX Code of Ethics and bring professionalism to the entertainment ticketing industry. For complete details, visit  Benefits of Membership.


 Q: What memberships are available? 

A: Annual membership is available to organizations, vendors and individuals. Organization membership is open to all commercial and non-profit organizations that facilitate access to events through ticketing. Vendor memberships are exclusively for companies that provide services and products to the ticketing industry. Individual memberships are available for those not affiliated with an organization or vendor, as well as those whose core professional focus is indirectly related to ticketing. Individual memberships are also available for retired INTIX members and those affiliated with formal educational programs.

Individual members retain their membership regardless of their employer. Organization and Vendor memberships stay with the company not the contact. So, if you leave a company with an Organization or Vendor membership, the membership will go to your successor or another employee designated by the company holding the membership. Organizations and Vendors may add additional members at reduces rates. Details at Types & Fees.

Regional ticketing groups all have different organizational structures and membership dues. While we share common goals, these groups are not officially affiliated with INTIX, so you’ll have to check with your regional group to learn what they charge. 


Q: How long does my membership last?

A: Membership is annual from join/payment date.


Q: What payment methods are acceptable for membership?

A: Membership dues can be paid in U.S. dollars by check, bank draft, credit card or wire transfer.


Q: How do I become an INTIX member? 

A: Join online or you may join by phone or fax +1 212.629.4036.


Q: I lost my username/password. How do I retrieve this information?

A: Your username is the email address on your INTIX member profile. To retrieve your password, click here. You’ll be prompted to type in your username or email address to "reset password.” You must provide the email address or username associated with your member profile. Once submitted, an email will be sent to the email address on file and will include a link back to the site to reset your password.


Q: I would like to submit a bid for your annual meeting. How do I do that?

A: INTIX has selected and booked the location for its annual conference through 2024. We’ll begin to look for 2025 properties in spring of 2021.


Q: Where is your annual conference for 2021?  What are the dates?

42nd Annual Conference & Exhibition
January 26-28, 2021
Anaheim Hilton, Anaheim, California, United States


Q: What are the registration rates for the annual conference and what do they include?

A: Full conference registration includes all conference materials, a directory of attendees, admission to all educational sessions, entrance to the exhibition areas, meals, coffee breaks and social events. One-day and exhibit-only registrations are available for those with limited time. A complete list of the 2021 rates will be posted soon!

Professional Development Grants are available to cover the cost of registration, membership, and/or travel expenses associated with attending the conference and are awarded based on demonstrated need.


Q: What are the hotel rates for the 2021 Anaheim Conference?

A: Hotel room rates and tax information will be available online soon!


Q: How do I update my online directory information?

A: Login to your member profile and edit your profile there or email your updates to


Q: How do I post a job? And how much does it cost?

A: Open positions can be posted online through our Career Center. Non-members pay $350, members pay $250 for a 30-day listing. For additional packages, visit our Products and Rates page.


Q: How do I submit a press release to be posted on your Access Weekly Newsletter?

A: Please email press release submissions including the online URL for the release to


Q: Once I’m a member, how do I become involved?

A: One of the best ways to get involved in INTIX and connect with industry peers is by joining a committee. A list of committees, the committee purpose and the committee chair is available on our Committees page. To volunteer, contact the committee chair directly or INTIX at