INTIX | International Ticketing Association | Code of Ethics

"The International Ticketing Association is committed to leading the forum for the entertainment ticketing industry through knowledge, innovation, participation and networking.”


The INTIX Code of Ethics promotes the success of the entertainment ticketing industry and its members by encouraging the highest standards of conduct for entertainment ticketing professionals in order to ensure public confidence in the integrity of the profession and the industry. Understanding and acknowledgement of this code is required for membership.


In responsibility to the Profession and Industry, members agree to:

  • Cooperate in every reasonable and proper way with other Association members and work with them to advance the profession.
  • Uphold the professional reputation of INTIX members and organizations.
  • Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, incorporate those standards into the daily responsibilities as an entertainment ticketing professional, and disseminate that knowledge to their employees and coworkers.

In responsibility to Customers/Clients and Affiliated Parties (including but not limited to venues, vendors, promoters, presenters, artists and agents), members agree to:

  • Ensure equitable availability of services for all customers.
  • Provide equitable customer service regardless of personal relationships or personal affiliations.
  • Ensure the availability of consistent and accurate information for customers concerning services, events and pricing.
  • Provide varied and easily accessible channels for customer inquiries, feedback, complaints and other communications.
  • Maintain non-deceptive business practices.
  • Respect confidential communications and take all steps necessary to prevent the disclosure of confidential information.