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Donation Opportunities

COVID-19 Member Relief Fund

Live entertainment ticketing professionals need help. A contribution to this Fund will directly HELP and SUPPORT our colleagues NOW with economic awards to INTIX members. Your donation today can make the difference for a colleague in profound ways to bridge the gaps economically.


Chairman's Circle

This is INTIX’s highest level and most important level of membership. For those members that want to give back in a consistent and annualized basis $300, tax deductible, of the Chairman's Circle membership are designated direct gifts to INTIX’s Professional Development and Education Fund (PD&E).


PD&E Fund

Professional Development & Education Fund contributions allow INTIX to present quality educational programming and provide conference scholarships to individuals who otherwise would not be able to attend.


Annual Fund

Contributions to the Annual Fund supports general operations making it possible for INTIX to realize its' purpose of leading the forum for the entertainment ticketing industry through education, innovation, participation and networking.


Join a Committee

Volunteer and donate your time to INTIX and help us ignite success in our entertainment ticketing industry. Participate in one of the many INTIX Committees! Assist in the planning of the Annual Conference. Help vet the PD&E Grant Recipients. Be a Mentor. The options are endless!


Live Auction

Help INTIX raise funds by buying an auction item at our live conference auctions in New York. To ensure that we surpass our success of the live auction last year we have been working all year to make sure we have great options for our attendees to bid on and to buy.

Donate Items

Benefits of Donating


Recognition and acknowledge of your gift that is a testament to our industry and to your colleagues that INTIX plays a part in your life and career. All gifts are recognized in the INTIX Conference Program, the annual audit as well as on the INTIX website and other publications.


Service comes in many forms and donations are a profound example of service to the goals and mission of INTIX. With every donation you give you are providing an invaluable service to INTIX in a tangible and important way.


Donations to INTIX ensure that INTIX will continue to be able to implement our goals for the future and to preserve and improve our quality of programing.


When you donate to INTIX you are creating a legacy of success, access and benefits for those ticketing professionals that come after you.

Educational Programming & Services

Help INTIX grow, improve and expand the opportunities and technologies to provide continuing and year-round education programming. Help INTIX to deliver improved services to the industry that continue to project the INTIX voice.

On-Site Programming

Bring INTIX to your region with new on-site educational workshops, presentations, half-day or full day programming.


By growing the PD&E more grants and scholarships can be awarded, and we can grow our accessibility programs.

U.S Tax Credit

INTIX is a registered 501(c)3, and all U.S. donors can take a tax deduction from their give.

Support INTIX

As a not-for-profit association, the International Ticketing Association relies on contributions and support from its members and partners to continue its long tradition of providing the finest in entertainment ticketing management and sales education. To honor our years of educational outreach, we encourage you to make a gift today. We also encourage you to think of the future of our programs, and to continue to help drive our mission we need your renewed gift and your generous support.

We thank our members who have given to our campaigns.

  • Kay Burnham's Chairman's Challenge: $40 for 40
  • Jane Klienberger's Chairman's Challenge
  • Chairman's Circle
  • Professional Development & Education Fund
  • Annual Fund
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Annual Conference Live Auction & Conference Events

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