INTIX | Ticketing Conference | Who and Why

Participating and interacting with industry peers is the key to knowledge and innovation. The annual conference offers formal education sessions and informal social gatherings to learn from industry leaders. Economic shifts and technological advances are changing operational standards and customer interactions. Venues are maintaining operations with fewer resources, developing successful sales strategies to generate more revenue and training staff to communicate with customers online. The INTIX conference is an opportunity to share new ideas through discussions with peers. As an attendee, you will also gain valuable insight and knowledge to ignite success for you and your organization.


The INTIX Annual Conference & Exhibition is designed for anyone directly or indirectly involved in ticketing the arts, professional sports, college athletics, arenas, fairs and festivals, ticket distribution, and entertainment management. It attracts executives, directors, managers and other senior-level professionals who work in ticket sales and operations, marketing, technology, finance, revenue management and customer service.


INTIX members and conference attendees gain knowledge, generate innovative ideas and establish valuable connections that energize and motivate them as professionals. Here are a few quotes from past conference attendees:

"Everything about the conference was valuable. From the sessions to the numerous opportunities to network with other people in the ticketing business. INTIX was simply amazing."

- Ossie Alvarez, Manager, Ticket Operations, Miami Marlins

"The breakout sessions, Exhibition Hall, networking, and the opening keynote were all equally and tremendously valuable for me." 

- 2015 INTIX Conference Attendee

“INTIX does a remarkable job of bringing together people from all walks of life and unifying them around a common theme. There are great opportunities for interaction with colleagues and peers as well as those with some of the most interesting jobs in the world!”

– Jeff Moore, Vice President, Partnerships, Wealth Engine

“Developing new relationships, renewing and maintaining old ones is always the most valuable aspect of the conference for me.”
– Jon Secunda, Director of Ticket Operations, Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority