INTIX | Ticketing Conference | Program Overview
INTIX 2018 Conference Program

How it works: our entertainment ticketing professionals and partners working in tandem with the Education & Conference Programming Committee are the driving force behind the programming and content for the annual INTIX Conference & Exhibition. During the year, between conferences, the Education Committee and INTIX staff spend time analyzing data in preparation for the next conference including the conference recap survey and the industry challenge and needs assessment survey coupled are the driving programming content for the 39th Annual Conference & Exhibition. From data the group learns about trends and needs but they also reach out and talk to members, peers and colleagues on the latest challenges, risk, trends and opportunities. Annually INTIX does a Call for Presentations and from that body of workshop and presentations submissions plus recruitment of speakers the program is created.

Data shows that the top-rated opportunities and challenges are adopting & implementing recent technology, building audiences, staff acquisition and attrition, customer service, the in-venue experience / delivery and developing alternative revenue streams. In turn these industry drivers tie to the INTIX learning tracks that were centric to the #INTIX2018 Conference and include Technology, Revenue, Leadership, Marketing and Management.

The 2019 Call for Presentations will be in the Summer of 2018 and announced via our membership communication as well as via our weekly Access news.


2018 Learning Tracks & Presentation Workshops
Additional information and program presentations are available to members online.

1. Technology

  • Subscription Ticketing Takes Center Stage: Maximizing the Mobile
  • Ticketing - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • Change, the Only Constant: New Ideas in Sales and Delivery
  • Technology: It Hurts So Good
  • One Year Later: Impact of BOTS Act on Ticketing Ecosystem
  • Using RFID to Improve the Customer Experience and Generate Revenue
  • Breaking the Barcode: How Sound is Disrupting the Ticketing Industry

2. Revenue

  • Show Me the Money, Tell Me How It Got There
  • Turn Online Interest into Action By Thinking Like a Fan!
  • Next-Generation Box Office
  • Increase Your Revenue in the Most Profitable Way!

3. Leadership

  • How to Create, Encourage or be a Leader Who Sees Beyond Gender
  • Life is Expensive! Managing Great Remote Teams
  • Adopting a User-Centered, Data-Driven Approach to Digital
  • Radical Hospitality: Technology Solutions for Audience Inclusivity
  • Infinity Mirrors. Finite Tickets. Yayoi Kusama: A Blockbuster Museum Exhibition
  • Skills and Priorities for Successful Service Excellence

4. Marketing

  • Myth Busters - Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Preparing for Exceptional Events: The After Effect
  • Ask a Millennial!
  • How Any Organization Can Win With Digital Marketing
  • Update Your Digital Playbook! Top Strategies for Engaging Audiences Online

5. Management

  • Turning Your Box Office Team into a Sales Team
  • Ticketing Life Hacks
  • The Workflow Diet: Making Work Processes Lean
  • We're Sold Out, Now What?
  • Engaging Customers Through the Media
  • Box Office Success Stories 

Breakouts by Type of Organization
INTIX also offers a host of facilitated breakout sessions allowing professionals to address topics specific to their genre or market segment including - Arenas/Large Venues/Sheds, Attractions/Museums, Performing Arts, Presenters, Pro/College Sports, Small Venues, Ticket Agencies and University/Colleges. The sports breakout, sponsored by, has grown to a full day event, focusing solely on topics related to those working professional sports and college athletics.


Thought Leadership & Technology Opportunities
INTIX continues to work with our industry partners, vendors, suppliers and experts to provide the best showcase for industry trends and technology innovations. New to the 2018 Conference and Exhibition were commercial workshops driven by vendor partners to illuminate their industry indicators. The very successful and sold out innovation Technology Stage in the Exhibition Hall provided attendees with fascinating 20 minute live technology demonstrations of the hottest entertainment ticketing innovations.