INTIX | Ticketing Conference | Program Overview

Conference Program

Entertainment ticketing professionals are driving programming content for the 39th Annual Conference & Exhibition. Along with the Education and Conference Programming Committees diligently working to identify content and presenters, an industry survey was conducted to learn the latest ticketing challenges.


Analysis of the survey revealed that the top challenges revolve around hiring and retaining staff, keeping up with and implementing new technology, building audiences, and developing alternative revenue streams.  With that in mind learning tracks for the 2018 Conference have been defined as Management, Technology, Marketing, Revenue and Leadership. These tracks are the basis for the Call for Presentations, which closed July 14, 2017.


Learning Tracks

1. Management

•    Customer experience – philosophy, handling service related issues, serving people with disabilities, anti-spam legislation
•    Managing changes – implement reorganizations, adjust to new management, new/renovated venue or expansion
•    Security – PCI and EMV compliance, fraud, government legislation, bots
•    Staff management and development – retain, hire, train, incentivize, engage,  mentor
•    Secondary market – consumer challenges, government legislation

2. Technology      

•    Mobile technology – implementation, adoption, monetization
•    Digital ticketing – print at home, paperless
•    Admissions control – RFID, smart cards, wristbands, etc.
•    Technology implementation – selection, integration, website
•    Keeping up with technology – emerging products, services, solutions
•    Business intelligence  – data management and collection, analytics, CRM

3. Marketing       

•    Customer development and retention
•    Mobile marketing
•    Social media – brand awareness, converting to sales
•    Email communication – segmentation, upselling, cross-selling
•    Packaging – subscriptions, group sales, single tickets, promotional bundles

4. Revenue         

•    Prices – optimizing and forecasting methods to expedite growth, strategic pricing plan
•    Price configuration – scaling the house to maximize profits, transition to dynamic model
•    Revenue generation – incremental, alternative revenue streams, fundraising
•    Creating and analyzing Requests for Proposals (RPF) or Requests for Information (RFI)
•    Financial concepts and tools – cost analysis, risk and return, project planning



5. Leadership      


•    Build relationships and teams – inspire/motivate people
•    Communicate effectively – in/external and cross departmental, maintain a positive attitude
•    Lead with integrity – determine and instill values and core beliefs
•    Create a vision – set and achieve goals to attain the vision
•    Managing up – set expectations, gain respect for the ticket office
•    Leading through change – plan upper management changes and reorganizations
•    Life/Work balance – managing stress
•    Take the ticket office to the 21st century

Breakouts by Type of Organization
INTIX also offers a host of facilitated breakout sessions allowing professionals to address topics specific to their genre including – Arenas/Large Venues/Sheds, Attractions/Museums, Performing Arts, Presenters, Pro/College Sports, Small Venues, Ticket Agencies and University/Colleges. The sports breakout has grown to a full day event, focusing solely on topics related to those working in professional sports and college athletics.



Networking Opportunities
INTIX conferences always provide plenty of opportunities to network and this year’s conference in Baltimore will be no exception. During the welcome lunch, opening reception in the exhibit hall, awards lunch, informal gatherings, and the Wednesday evening celebration, conference energy will flow both in and out of the sessions allowing attendees to continue their dialog with colleagues throughout the conference. During the annual conference we recognize members in the Association who have excelled in their profession. Awards for Outstanding Box Office, Outstanding Ticketing Professional, Lifetime Achievement, INTIX Spirit and the Young Ticketing Professional of the Year are presented at the annual awards luncheon.