INTIX | International Ticketing Association | Awards

The INTIX Awards program was created to honor and showcase those who have demonstrated leadership, service, professionalism and special achievements through innovative, informative and creative management.

The Awards Committee considers nominations for:

  • Patricia G. Spira Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Outstanding Ticketing Professional
  • Outstanding Box Office
  • Spirit Award
  • FutureTix Young Ticketing Professional of the Year
  • IMPACT Award

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Patricia G. Spira Lifetime Achievement Award

A member who has been actively and successfully engaged in the direct management of a ticket operation for a minimum of 20 years, has made a major contribution to the ticketing industry by helping set standards of excellence in all aspects of ticket management, and must have been actively involved in the continuing development and organization of INTIX. Self-nominations are not accepted for this award.


Judging Criteria
60% contribution to INTIX and ticketing industry
40% sets standards of excellence


Outstanding Ticketing Professional

The nominee must be a current and active member of INTIX and have a minimum of five years’ experience in any area of the ticketing industry, and set a standard of excellence for other INTIX members with regard to leadership, achievement and professionalism. Self-nominations are not accepted for this award.


Judging Criteria
25% INTIX involvement
50% achievement
25% leadership and professionalism


Outstanding Box Office

The nominated box office must be a current member of INTIX, active as a ticket operation for a minimum of five years and have an outstanding reputation for customer service. The box office staff must function skillfully and professionally as a team, and the box office must maintain a standard of excellence in regard to accuracy and precision in both the public and internal accounting functions. Self-nominations are accepted for this award.


Judging Criteria
30% reputation for customer service
30% team work and group leadership
40% standards of excellence in field


Spirit Award

The nominee must be an active INTIX member who has represented INTIX’s spirit of enthusiasm, friendship, participation and cooperation to colleagues and to the industry. All INTIX members are eligible no matter what their specialty or business is. Self-nominations are not accepted for this award. The membership will have the deciding vote for the INTIX Spirit Award recipient. To assist the Awards Committee in evaluating candidates, a response to Spirit Award questions is required. Responses to these questions from both the nominee and nominator(s) will be used to determine the Spirit ballot, which will be approved by the committee and sent to the membership. If a member receives multiple nominations, a combined and summarized paragraph will be included on the award ballot.


Judging Criteria
60% INTIX involvement, promotion, participation
20% industry participation
20% cooperation with and assistance to industry colleagues


FutureTix Young Ticketing Professional of the Year Award

In recognition of the talent rising through the entertainment ticketing industry, a "Young Ticketing Professional” is an INTIX member under the age of 35 that exemplifies the future of INTIX and the profession. "Young Professional" members must be nominated by an INTIX member or their manager. Nominees embody the ideals of INTIX and show specific examples of leadership, innovation, customer care and problem-solving above and beyond daily duties. Self-nominations are not accepted for this award.


Judging Criteria
25% Leadership
15% Innovation
20% Customer Care
20% Problem-Solving
20% INTIX Involvement 



The INTIX IMPACT Award is a new award (2019) given annually at the discretion of the Chair of the INTIX Board of Directors.  The INTIX IMPACT Award may be given in recognition to individual(s), organization(s), vendor(s), or partner(s), that have provided continuous, consistent, extraordinary, and exemplary service and support with a lasting impact to the INTIX members, conference, and the live ticketing industry.