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International Ticketing Association

INTIX is the leading forum for ticketing professionals, representing the most comprehensive view of the industry and its practices, products and services. INTIX is the ticketing professional’s connection to a trusted network of knowledge, experience and ideas shared within a community of peers — a connection that provides ongoing support and relationships that can further success in the industry. Ticketing professionals participate in INTIX to find information and solutions that bring value to their companies and to their own development. Through INTIX, members learn what works, what’s new, what’s next, and how to put it all into practice.

INTIX is a nonprofit membership organization that represents over a thousand ticketing, sales, technology, finance and marketing professionals from over 25 countries. They work in the world of arts, sports and entertainment, as well as a full range of public venues and institutions.

20th Anniversary INTIX Program Book

35th Anniversary INTIX Program Book

If this is your first introduction to INTIX and our website, welcome! We invite you to explore and find out all the opportunities available. In our Education & Events section, you’ll find a variety of ways our members keep in touch and get informed. Our Resources section abounds with useful tools for anyone looking for answers, decision support or even a job. Vendors of ticketing products and services will find several ways to reach out to INTIX community members on our Suppliers page. And of course, we encourage you to consider becoming a member. The benefits of membership are great and many.