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Tessitura and Addressy Team Up

Monday, October 23, 2017   (0 Comments)

by Tom Gresham | Venues Today

Tessitura and Addressy are partnering to streamline ticket-buying.

Tessitura, which provides customer relationship management-focused ticketing, fundraising and marketing enterprise software to more than 590 arts and cultural organizations worldwide, has partnered with cloud-based address management service provider Addressy to streamline its ticketing checkout process and speed up the experience of purchasing tickets for its clients’ patrons.

Tessitura will use Addressy’s auto-complete address technology with the goal of reducing the time it takes for customers to fill out the forms necessary to buy tickets online for events while also improving the accuracy of the information that is entered. Tom Mucklow, head of partnership development at Addressy, said his company’s solution helps customers enter their address in a fifth of the time it takes them if they manually type their complete address. The technology auto-suggests addresses as a customer types into address fields, offering delivery addresses based on official data sources. Mucklow compared the technology to a search engine. Addressy can verify addresses in more than 240 countries.

Mucklow said Addressy’s technology helps escort ticket-buying customers more swiftly to completing their purchase. Mucklow said making the ticket-buying process easier and faster for the customer leads to more successful purchases online, because “as soon as you’ve got big, lengthy forms to fill out, people get turned off and distracted. It’s about improving the customer experience.”

“By reducing the amount of time the person buying the ticket has to spend in checkout, they become far more likely to go ahead and buy the ticket,” Mucklow said.

Jack Rubin, CEO of Tessitura, said the partnership will provide Tessitura’s customers with an important new tool. Tessitura, which is a member-owned nonprofit based in Dallas, operates in 10 countries, including the United States. Tessitura serves organizations such as theaters, museums, dance companies, performing arts centers, attractions and festivals, among others.

“We understand that the ability to get the right message to the right patron at the right time is essential for the success of our community,” Rubin said. “With Addressy’s address verification service, arts organizations can know that they have the most accurate information to reach their patrons.”

Ticket-buying customers will see a clear benefit, Rubin said.

“Utilizing correct addresses is a basic need,” Rubin said. “Thus, getting it right the first time and every time is expected. The service is a bit behind the scenes, and with Addressy’s simple-to-use interface, patrons can feel confident that their information has been captured accurately.”

In addition to helping customers purchase their tickets, Addressy technology will aid customer support staff, Mucklow said. If a staff member is on the phone with a patron, the auto-completion technology helps the support person find the patron’s address more quickly so that they can better serve them.

“Little efficiencies can make the process smoother on both the front end and the back end,” Mucklow said.

Mucklow said address verification also provides a boost for an organization’s fundraising work.

“Their fundraising efforts will be more fruitful because they will be collecting more accurate data,” Mucklow said.

Rubin said the pairing of Tessitura and Addressy was a natural match.

“As part of our mission, we provide continually innovated technology and comprehensive services that improve our community’s efficiency and effectiveness,” Rubin said. “The diverse community of third-party technology partners we work with enhances that mission and Addressy shares this ethic. Their platform is easy to use and is a powerful tool for any arts professional that relies on accurate patron addresses.”

Rubin said Tessitura aims “to benefit our users with best-of-breed services that align with and complement Tessitura Software.”

“The Tessitura Network now includes over 45 Tessitura Preferred Provider Partners crossing multiple sectors from ticketing channels to revenue enhancement, wealth screening, email deployment and marketing automation, ticket printers, kiosks and many other service and product sectors,” he said. “We and our innovative Tessitura community are continually evaluating new partners in an effort to expand this important ecosystem. Stay tuned for more over time.”

Mucklow said Addressy’s business has largely been focused on retail operations, particularly e-commerce ones. In fact, of the company’s 11,000 customers worldwide, he said approximately 10,000 of them are e-commerce-related businesses. Addressy’s solutions are designed to help improve e-commerce retailers’ conversion rates, increasing the likelihood that customers who begin the checkout process complete it with a successful purchase — a process that aligns neatly with ticketing. Data quality also takes on critical importance in both fields. The company’s clients include brands such as ASOS, Tesco and Nescafe.

Addressy’s shift to the ticketing world represented a strategic decision, because those in ticketing “face the same issues that e-commerce retailers also face,” he said, and because the market has largely been untapped. Addressy, which is based in New York, has begun to work with other ticketing firms, particularly in the United Kingdom. Among their clients based in the United States is

“In e-commerce, businesses are very aware of this technology and already are utilizing it,” Mucklow said. “In the ticketing world, there were very, very few examples of that technology being used to improve data quality and efficiency. We feel that the ticketing market is ripe for this kind of development.”