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Mentors Pay It Forward at Pollstar Live's Women's Forum

Monday, February 6, 2017   (0 Comments)

February 6, 2017, Taylor Mims - Amplify --  According to the Women’s Leadership Forum at this year’s Pollstar Live, mentoring relationships need to be mutually beneficial to succeed. The panel, titled “Swipe Right– How Mentoring Relationships Help Women & Men Get Ahead In The Music Industry,” featured three pairs of mentor/mentee “work couples” discussing how they found one another, how their relationships flourished, and the respect it takes to keep it going.

Led by Pollstar’s Debbie Speer, the panel agreed that the successful mentoring relationships they were in felt “organic” from the start. While none of the panelists balked at the idea of the university or corporate-led mentoring partnerships, they all discovered their mentors in informal ways.

“It has to flow as a team,” said Nederlander Concerts CEO Alex Hodges who was on the panel with mentee Vanessa Kromer, Vice President of Communications at Nederlander Concerts

“When you can find that individual who you want to learn from and who is extremely attractive to you for your career or your personal development, you will naturally gravitate to them,” said Jane Kleinberger, Co-Founder at Spectra Ticketing & Fan Engagement. Her mentor/mentee partner on the panel was President and CEO of INTIX Maureen Andersen.

Kleinberger continued, “The definition is that there is this more knowledgeable person imparting information on the other, but my definition of the best relationship is one where you say ‘I get so much more out of that relationship than I put into it’ and then you find out the other person feels the same way. Once you have that kind of established relationship you’re going to naturally help that individual in all of your various social environments to ensure that you share their greatness with others and vice versa.”

As Speer defined the mentoring relationship from the beginning of the discussion, the mentor is there to impart information but also has the social capital to make introductions for their protégé. In order for the relationship to work, there has to be reciprocity so that the mentor does not feel used.

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