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A CMO’s View: StubHub rebrands itself to show it is “more than just a ticket”

Wednesday, January 4, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Tiffany Kelham

Launched in May, StubHub's rebranding efforts included its first-ever global campaign, aimed at reaching a wider variety of audiences.

In May of this year, StubHub launched its first global campaign to introduce a new brand identity aimed at modernizing the company’s look and feel. According to StubHub CMO Jennifer Betka, the rebranding effort included an entirely new set of design choices, with a more contemporary logo and a bolder, more flexible color palette.

“It was a concerted, thoughtful effort to modernize StubHub’s identity, appeal to a wider variety of audiences across every aspect of experiences by genre, and place the power of emotion that comes with attending live experiences at the forefront of our brand,” says Betka.

The CMO says the transition from StubHub’s former logo design to its new stagelike representation was a way to carry forward the idea that events and concerts are inherently social, as well as provoke a sense of imagination around event experiences.

“All of these elements are intended to strategically position StubHub as your ticket out, inspiring people to envision themselves as part of the audience — to get off of their couches and experience live events.”

Now, three months into StubHub’s rebrand efforts, Betka was generous enough to share what the process was like — from the decisions behind the brand’s new design choices to the challenges of launching a global campaign around its rebranding initiative.

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