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The Other 'Moneyball': Using Analytics to Sell Season Tickets

Thursday, September 3, 2015   (0 Comments)

Knowledge@Wharton (07/21/15)

The Milwaukee Brewers are one example of a team using analytics to successfully sell season and partial-season tickets, reports Major League Baseball senior manager of advanced analytics Matt Horton. Brewers data analyst Diny Hurwitz says the end goal of employing analytics in this area is to coax more people to purchase and use season tickets, and find ways to have them buy them year after year. “Diny and I started working on this in earnest in 2011, and we are already in the third iteration of data analytics,” Horton says. To measure fan loyalty, Horton and Hurwitz mine data from the ticket scanners each major league club uses when fans enter the stadium to attend a game. Additional steps in the data analytics process include analyzing each email the Brewers get from fans, which may be an indication of potential loyalty; teaming with a demographic data provider to factor in age, income, residence, gender, and other data for use by the sales staff; and surveying season ticket holders at the end of each year to see what the fans think can be improved, with the goal of ensuring repeat business. One unusual finding Horton and Hurwitz cite is the team's on-field performance did not necessarily correlate with season ticket renewals. They say analytics also have helped them differentiate occasional game attendees from dedicated fans, and turning the former group into season ticket purchasers is the ultimate purpose of analyzing the data.


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