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Ticketmaster Is Using Splunk to Improve the Ticket Buying Experience for Customers

Thursday, July 2, 2015   (0 Comments)

Diginomica (05/18/15) Du Preez, Derek

Ticketmaster is partnering with Splunk, a company that analyzes big data to gain insight into customers and improve Ticketmaster's systems and operations. In some cases, Ticketmaster experiences system failures during high-demand concerts that often sell out in minutes. Ticketmaster will use Splunk to resolve these frustrating system crashes, which the company worries could damage its reputation among customers. Splunk also offers insight into consumer preferences, enabling Ticketmaster to allocate resources efficiently and profit more from popular events. Ticketmaster's Neil Roy Chowdhury says Ticketmaster uses Splunk primarily to ensure that Ticketmaster apps remain operational at all times. Splunk analyzes data from hundreds of Ticketmaster applications and more than 10 ticketing systems. Ticketmaster eventually plans to use Splunk as a customer service tool that can handle inquiries and complaints from users to lighten the workload of Ticketmaster operations employees. Splunk also will aid Ticketmaster in identifying scouts who buy large quantities of tickets from Ticketmaster and sell them at a higher price through a third party. Chowdhury notes Splunk also provides a wide range of analytics to product managers and business owners, such as what was the response to new events, or whether the response was high enough to create more dates at the same venue.


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