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Novel Ticketing and Advertising Patents Available From ICAP Patent Brokerage

Thursday, May 21, 2015   (0 Comments)

University Chronicle (MN) (04/15/15)

The ICAP Patent Brokerage recently held an auction for patents that disclose a method for maximizing profits from stadium seats, advertising slots, airline seats, and hotel rooms. “This is a novel way for ticketing agents, promoters, venues, networks, hotels, and airlines to maximize revenue on ticket sales and advertising,” says ICAP Patent Brokerage CEO Dean Becker. The portfolio specifies a system and technique to boost profits from the U.S. sports industry by applying big data via the issuance of tickets, TV ads, and travel bookings related to specific games. The innovation enables multiple sales of every stadium seat, TV ad slot, airline seat, or hotel room, based on the teams or players in a given event. Organizers of an event or a ticket broker may prefer offering a variety of “player's tickets,” which lets someone buy a ticket in advance that specifically refers to a team or players rather than a playoff game. In this way, much higher numbers of tickets may be offered at a fraction of the regular price—one for each possible combination of participants—as most tickets will not be used. Organizers, ticket brokers, and consumers all stand to benefit, as the method elevates overall ticket revenues while permitting fans to only purchase tickets for games with their favorite team or player at a discount.


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