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Waterloo Startup Eventastic Looks to Best Eventbrite in Online Event Management

Thursday, May 7, 2015   (0 Comments) (03/30/15) Jedras, Jeff

Waterloo, Ontario-based Eventastic aims to beat leading competitors such as Eventbrite with the launch of a new event management platform that combines event-related management functions in a single place. In addition to ticket sales, Eventastic also provides event organizers more revenue opportunities by enabling them to conduct merchandise sales and silent auctions from the same platform, says company president Randy Bird. “Our biggest difference is that we bundle everything together and we have some things that are unique, such as the gamification of ticket sales to incent your volunteer ticket sellers,” he says. “It’s a great tool to gamify sales and reward people putting in the effort, either by giving them a prize or a cut of sales.” Bird also cites Eventastic's online ticketing kiosk as another standout feature, one which enables organizers to produce a widget they can embed within their own website. Many of the company's services are offered to organizers at no charge, with monetization primarily structured around ticket sales. Stripe is employed for payment processing, and organizers pay a fee of 25 cents to 99 cents per ticket, along with a capped commission of 2.5 percent on merchandise.


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