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Disney's $1 Billion Bet on a Magical Wristband

Thursday, April 2, 2015   (0 Comments)

Wired News (03/10/15) Kuang, Cliff

Disney invested $1 billion to develop the MagicBand system, which is designed to remove many of the headaches of visiting the Disney World resort in Orlando, Fla. MagicBand is the product of two years' development plus 18 months of park deployment, and it integrates wristbands worn by visitors with the MyMagicPlus online platform to make the park experience fun, seamless, and friction-free. The battery-powered wristbands are equipped with a radio-frequency identification chip and a radio, and they are linked to thousands of sensors within the park. MyMagicPlus is comprised of 100 connected systems that transform Disney World into a massive computer that streams real-time data about where guests are, what activities they are engaged in, and what park amenities they want. Once guests book their tickets online and select their preferred rides, the Disney servers collate and bundle those preferences into an itinerary designed to optimize their experience. The data is fed into the individual wristbands, which are mailed to the booked guests before their trip. The MagicBands are connected to visitors' credit cards, making cash unnecessary. To operate the wristbands, guests need only to touch the circled Mickey Mouse icon on the band with the same icon on readers. Former Disney World Resort president Meg Crofton says the MagicBands and MyMagicPlus enable employees to “move past transactions, into an interactive space, where they can personalize the experience.”


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