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Opera Ticket Sales Fall, but Other Live Shows Are More Popular Than Ever

Friday, September 26, 2014   (0 Comments)

The Guardian (08/19/14) Evershed, Nick

Revenue from live performances in Australia was up more than 20 percent in 2013, with total ticket sales of $1.4 billion (Australian), a 22.7 percent increase from 2012, according to a report from Live Performance Australia. The report, which was derived from attendance and revenue figures from selected organizations in 2013, notes the increase is partially due to increases in ticket prices, which are at an all-time high. The total number of tickets sold also was up compared to 2012, but was largely consistent with a moderate year-over-year rise since dropping dramatically in 2008. Contemporary music remains the dominant category, accounting for more than a third of the Australian live performance market. Festivals saw an increase in market share due to the inclusion of the Adelaide and Perth fringe festivals for the first time in the new report, as did circus and physical theater due to a large number of Cirque du Soleil productions in 2013. Live theater also saw an increase in its market share, while opera and musical theater declined along with live comedy.

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