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To Sell Tickets, Colleges Try Groupon, Giveaways

Friday, September 26, 2014   (0 Comments)

Associated Press (09/06/14) Meredith, Luke

U.S. colleges are taking sometimes extreme measures to boost student ticket sales, one example being the University of Iowa's recent raffle offering free tuition to a student who buys a book of season tickets. The university's effort got ensnared in state raffle laws and was extended to all university students, but other schools around the nation are trying all kinds of promotions in the face of declining student attendance at games. For example, the University of Michigan, which boasts more college football wins than any other program, sold tickets to its opening game against Appalachian State on Groupon as part of an initiative to fight an approximately 7,000-per-game decline in student sales over the course of 12 months. Meanwhile, Purdue University gave away about 8,000 free tickets to students for the opener against Western Michigan and slashed prices in half to $10 for the next two non-conference games. Factors cited as underlying the erosion in student attendance include high ticket prices, the spread of high-definition TVs, the increase in national college football broadcasts, limits on tailgating, sporadic stadium wireless service, and the popularity of social media sites.

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