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StubHub Music Launches, Aims to Be the Ticketing- and Discovery-Minded 'LinkedIn for Fans'

Thursday, July 3, 2014   (0 Comments)
PandoDaily (06/02/14) Carney, Michael

The recent launch of StubHub Music kicked off the ticketing platform's effort to compete with popular social networks and "build the LinkedIn for fans," says StubHub's Ray Elias. He says StubHub's ambition to build out a music-focused social network is bolstered by its ability to close the transaction loop, making reliance on ad revenue unnecessary to justify StubHub Music's rollout. With StubHub Music, fans will be able to enjoy a local discovery experience calibrated for surfacing events around their favorite artists and artists they have yet to encounter. The platform will analyze a user's existing music preferences based on their on-device music library and purchase patterns to make tailored recommendations. Fans also can interact with one another within the platform, sharing and engaging with content around their favorite artists and making plans to attend live events. Elias says StubHub's plan is to continuously enrich experiences over time, and later to embed additional logistics and planning features and ultimately offer these outside music. Elias' StubHub Labs group has a goal of creating a major discovery-geared ticketing platform with StubHub Music, aided by StubHub's ability to be artist/team- and venue-agnostic. “We believe the future of ticketing isn't primary or secondary, it's a blend,” Elias says.

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