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Tickets Via Mobile, With an 'If' and a 'But'

Thursday, April 24, 2014   (0 Comments)
Dynamic Business Magazine (04/01/14) Zillman, Stephanie

The ticketing industry has been slow to adopt mobile despite the growing ubiquity of mobile devices and the suitability of the platform for ticketing. In Australia, for example, 93 percent of Australians ages 15 to 65 are expected to own a smartphone by 2018, according to a 2013 Frost & Sullivan report. Yet many major vendors, including the Sydney Opera House, have been slow to adopt mobile and online ticketing. The Opera House's Kate Huish says there are several reasons it has been reluctant to embrace e-ticketing. One reason is that many presenters want paper ticketing in place because paper tickets are seen by some as collectible souvenirs. Other issues are the uncertain nature of many events and festivals at the Opera House, where specific venues are often not settled on until close to the event. However, Huish says the Opera House plans to reexamine e-ticketing following a major upgrade of their systems this year. Eventbrite co-founder Julia Hartz says traditional ticketing methods are ripe for destabilization, and that egregious fees, a lack of personal service, and increasingly obsolete technology will help drive consumers to online and mobile ticketing.