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Ticketleap Debuts Selfie Tickets Giving DIY Event Ticketing a Personal Touch

Thursday, March 27, 2014   (0 Comments)
Hypebot (02/21/14) Smith, Clyde

Ticketleap's new Selfie Tickets offer a way to personalize tickets for indie events as a replacement for quick response codes and other types of barcodes. Selfie Tickets are available through both iOS and Android apps, and they can be created when an event creator decides to use Selfie Tickets for their event and enables them in Ticketleap. Ticket holders receive an email one day before an event starts, prompting them to create their Selfie Ticket. Within the email is a link to download the Ticketleap app in case they do not already have it. Users select an event for which they have bought tickets, take their selfie, and save it. Ticketleap then produces the Selfie Ticket. Ticketleap stresses that Selfie Tickets are "not alienating. They highlight humanness, not the transaction. They're friendly and simple to check at the door." In addition, Ticketleap says event creators need no equipment to admit people to an event with Selfie Tickets, nor do they require a reliable data connection. Selfie Tickets also can encourage smaller lines at admission, according to the company. Moreover, Ticketleap says counterfeiting Selfie Tickets should be difficult, but it lets event organizers to decide the policy for refunds and exchanges.

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