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EDM Fans’ Hyperactive Social Media Use Driving Genre’s Success

Thursday, March 20, 2014   (0 Comments)
Billboard (03/12/14) Medved, Matt

Electronic dance music fans avidly share their experiences through social media, according to a study by Eventbrite and Mashwork. The study compared more than 70 million relevant English social media conversations from a representative sample of 1,000 EDM fans and 1,000 fans of 10 other musical genres. The study found that the EDM fans tweeted an average of 11 times a day compared with 1.85 times a day by the average user. EDM fans tweeted about EDM 52 percent more often than fans of other music, with one out of every three texts related to EDM. “The EDM fan’s amount of online sharing is simply staggering,” says Eventbrite's Martina Wang. “There’s a huge opportunity for EDM brands to harness the power of the dance fan through connecting with them online.” Nearly 80 percent of EDM fans say they are highly likely to attend shows their friends are planning to attend, according to a 2013 Harris Interactive survey. One in four posts about an event occur at the event, with EDM fans posting 30 percent more than other music fans, translating to 42 billion potential impressions of EDM events annually. "Engagement at the event itself is critical,” Wang says. “Increasingly, we’re seeing mobile apps for festivals and brands that integrate social and group chat features, and use of visible hashtags at the event to harness and collect conversations."

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