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How Is L.A. Opera's New Airline-Style Pricing System Going?

Thursday, January 9, 2014   (0 Comments)

LA Weekly (12/13/13) Bonar, Samantha

L.A. Opera public relations director Gary Murphy says the opera company deployed "more of an on-demand [ticket] pricing structure" beginning last season, in which prices are dictated by the show's popularity. "We try to keep our entry-level price to $19 now, but then we try to let it float from there," Murphy notes. Prime orchestra seats for a very popular opera can cost as much as about $345 a ticket, whereas ticket prices previously ranged from a set rate of $20 to $270. However, complaints from opera-goers have been nonexistent so far, according to L.A. Opera's Diane Bergman. "Before, we were setting prices a year in advance without knowing what the economy was going to do, how popular the show was going to be," she says. "This allows us to have flexibility." Bergman also notes the new pricing encourages patrons to purchase tickets earlier, as prices rise more the fuller the house is. She says another goal of the pricing change is to gently motivate more customers to become season ticket holders, noting "we make sure our season ticket holders get the best price because it's important to protect that relationship."



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