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Kid Rock $20 Ticket Tour an 'Unbelievable' Success With Encore Potential, Live Nation Says

Thursday, December 26, 2013   (0 Comments) (12/04/13) Lacy, Eric

Live Nation executive Rick Franks says Kid Rock's summer tour, where tickets were sold for just $20 at 33 U.S. venues, was a major success, with the potential for a repeat. Franks notes the tour, which included $20 t-shirts and $4 beers, was an "unbelievable" money maker. Most of the venues where Kid Rock performed with the $20 promotion were operated by Live Nation. Franks says an encore will depend on the artist, who has not publicly said whether he would at least consider another $20 promotion while touring. "We know this year was great," he says. "We sold a zillion tickets and as much beer as we could ever try to." Franks wants to get other performers in a working relationship with Live Nation to agree to a similar promotion. "You [as a performer] have to have a strong belief in yourself [to be a part of a Kid Rock-like $20 promotion]," he notes. "There's some risk involved; [Kid Rock] chose to take that risk and it worked out for him." Franks cites Kid Rock's savvy in offering the promotion. "We'd do it with every one of our clients," he says. "And If we could talk them into it, we'd all be happy."


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