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Michigan Legislation Introduced to Legalize Ticket Scalping

Thursday, December 5, 2013   (0 Comments)

Associated Press (11/03/13)

Michigan state Rep. Tim Kelly has introduced a bill to legalize the scalping of game or concert tickets by repealing a state statute that outlaws the practice unless it is authorized by the venue or event operators. Kelly describes the legislation as a common-sense measure that allows the free market to dictate the price of a ticket. "An individual who buys a ticket...owns that ticket, and they should have every right to sell it if they so choose," Kelly says. "This legislation, quite literally, is about allowing the man on the street to sell tickets at fair market value to willing buyers. It creates more fairness while providing some relief to our already overburdened court system." Kelly sees no reason for government interference in a transaction between willing buyers and sellers. Supporting Kelly's proposal is Rep. Doug Geiss, who introduced a bill last term to restrict price markups on ticket websites to up to 10 percent more than face value and also require online resellers to publish the ticket's original price. "As the law currently stands, it doesn't make sense why can I go online and charge somebody $500 for a $50 ticket, but if I sell it in front of a stadium, if I sell it for $51, I can have that ticket confiscated from me," Geiss notes.



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