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Samsung Adds NFC Tickets and Payments to Live Music Events

Thursday, November 21, 2013   (0 Comments)

NFC World (11/07/13) Boden, Rian

Samsung is enabling music fans attending the Galaxy Studio Live events to store their tickets and make transactions at the venues with their mobile devices via NFC technology. Consumers must first win a ballot in order to purchase the tickets, and winners are sent an SMS and an email with a unique ID number and a link to Samsung's Smart Ticket app. Consumers download the app and then enter their ID and mobile phone number and select the artist they are going to see from an in-app list. They will then be able to view their secure Smart Ticket as well as videos and information on the artist and venue, and enter contests and listen to the artist's tracks on Soundcloud. Consumers also can opt to link their PayPal account to the app so that they can buy food, drinks, and merchandise by tapping their phone against NFC readers at the venue. Attendees lacking NFC smartphones will be sent an NFC sticker they can affix to the back of their smartphone that will admit them to the event and let them make payments. "Electronic concert ticketing is widely accepted as a great idea," says the Music Managers Forum's Brian Message. "We look forward to smart tickets becoming as natural to buying a concert ticket as downloads have become to buying recordings."


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