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Thoughts from the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Thursday, July 11, 2013   (0 Comments)
Dear Fellow INTIX Members,

It has been almost 6 months since I received the Pat Spira Lifetime Achievement Award from our association. Since receiving this award, I have made a diligent effort to reflect on my career as a ticketing professional and to also reflect on the many years of being a proud member of INTIX.

Just this afternoon, while having lunch with a majority of my team members, I expressed how great it is to come to work each day, and still be excited about the type of work I do, the people and colleagues I get to work with, and the anticipation of the challenges and projects that are waiting around the corner.

As I stated in my remarks at the INTIX conference in Orlando, INTIX has allowed ticketing professionals to have a "seat at the table”, so that whenever there are any major discussions about the execution and production of a major or minor entertainment event, a ticketing professional is a key person in those discussions in the board room. Prior to Pat Spira and her colleagues, creating what was then BOMI and now INTIX, everyone, including building managers, thought we sold tickets out of a cigar box, or at best, out of ticket racks.

Today, ticketing professionals are highly valued members of the team. Today, ticketing professionals are masters at multi-tasking. Today, ticketing professionals provide significant leadership. Today, ticketing professionals have to be skilled at understanding today’s technology. Today, ticketing professionals have to understand the social media platforms. Today, ticketing professionals have to work to be better than they were yesterday. Today, ticketing professionals have to embrace change and technology. Today, ticketing professionals have to be better than we ever were before!

We can never forget those who came before us, and those that helped lay the foundation, for the chance for each of us to succeed in being the ultimate ticketing professional. I once again, would like to thank the members of INTIX for presenting me with the Pat Spira Lifetime Achievement Award, and I look forward to working with all of you in the future to take our association to yet, the next level.

In appreciation,
Jack G. Lucas