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Future of Concerts: Social Wearables and Interactive Light Shows

Thursday, September 11, 2014   (0 Comments) (07/21/14) Rosenfeld, Everett

Technology is driving the popularity of live concert attendance, which the music industry is increasingly reliant on for revenues. "The music festival is becoming one of America's favorite summer pastimes," notes Eventbrite's Martina Wang. "And thanks to technology and a massive mainstream interest, this is the summer of the no-boundaries music festival." An Eventbrite Harris poll found that 20 percent of millennials attended a music festival in the past year. Meanwhile, Wang attributes the growing popularity of live-streaming events to a "fear of missing out" effect, where millions of people worldwide tune into a concert the same way they would watch a sporting event. Moreover, she says festivals are using live streaming as a promotional platform for future events. The most significant trend Eventbrite observes in live music events is the spread of social media and mobile use, with Wang noting mobile phones can store tickets, make payments, and schedule GPS-specific meetups with friends, among other things. Live Nation Entertainment found concertgoers more frequently using their mobiles, while Eventbrite says social media's proliferation is partly responsible for the increasing popularity of electronic dance music. However, Cantora co-founder Nick Panama says mobile phones and apps detract from the concert experience, and urges more enhancement of the sensory experience. One example is Cantora's Nada project to incorporate cashless payment and paperless ticketing in a simple wristband.

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