Message from the Board Chair continued. . .

Development of our plan was a detailed and thoughtful process. It incorporates clarity on who we are, who we want to be, an emphasis on preserving what we all value, and a serious focus on changing and expanding where needed. It was developed with a strong set of core values which guide our behavior. While more information will follow, we wanted to give you a glimpse into this work which is focused on our 3 core constituencies: Ticketing professionals, our community‚Äôs technology providers and partners, and the INTIX association itself. Most importantly, YOU! We firmly believe that all entertainment ticketing professionals should, and will, have a consistent voice in senior and executive leadership within your organizations. The jobs we do are important to the health of our entertainment organizations! For our industry partners, INTIX will provide a neutral forum for these partners to establish best practices and standards that will better serve all of us. And for our beloved association, we want INTIX to be recognized as the authority in entertainment ticketing and customer experience.   
To simply state these goals is easy. To define and plan the objectives and strategies to successfully realize them requires detailed thought, development, and commitment. Behind each goal there are multiple objectives that we want to see realized in the coming years. To make progress requires a set of specific annual strategies that require resources, finances, and a realistic view on the timeline needed to execute each strategy. 
Over the next six to twelve months you will see your INTIX board of directors, staff, committees, and fellow members take a more active role in both communicating, listening, and rolling out these goals, objectives, and strategies. For those of you we serve well today, we hope you will be motivated to take yet a more active role in this evolution. And now back to the question, Does INTIX serve your needs?  I want to hear from you, please contact me at for your thoughts.  For those of you who may have become disillusioned with us, we hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you better. After all, we really are all in this together!


Jane Kleinberger
INTIX Board Chair