Message from the President Continued

Continued from INTIX News. . .

As an entertainment ticketing professional – what can you do to prepare for the future?  Below are ideas that came from discussions during the opening keynote of the conference:

Reinstate a duty of care to our customers

  1. Make the experience more memorable and relevant.  Ideas included improving systems, wider use of presentational model
  2. Personalize communication to ensure it was customized to the customer
  3. Communicate directly to the customer – taking responsibility for the relationship
  4. Recognize the power of providing the customer choice – motivating them to support a wider more diverse menu
  5. Break down the box office walls – physically remove the barriers and emotionally include the team in the front of house structure, training and communication

Protect the core value of entertainment

  • Explore and build the skills to sell the experience, not just the product.  The event begins with the ticket and follows through with the front of house experience.  We are responsible for this
  • Educate the customer, particularly the younger customer, on the unique and timeless qualities of entertainment creating an emotional connection.  We are the gateway
  • Mitigate the dangers of devaluing the product/experience by retaining standards of face-to-face training

Develop a technology capability

  • Develop a plan for a centralized resource of ‘common denominator’ data
  • Establish a technical standard for data exchange – collecting and using data in better, smarter ways
  • Share and communicate decisions
  • Explore individual ticket registration  - identifying and formalizing the benefits

Reframe traditional mindsets and understanding

  • Urgently put resources into ticketing.  Let’s hold our heads high and acknowledge our crucial role in the industry.  Be proud and prepare for change to protect our position and retain relevance
  • Develop a willingness to change – acknowledging the different commercial and customer opportunities.  This is our moment to be proactive not reactive. 

What can you do?  What will you do?

Keep these valuable conversations going with each other, within your organization, in the online INTIX forums, on social media.  You and your peers have the answers on how the entertainment ticketing industry will advance toward the future.