Conference Takeaway and Most Valuable Experience


"The answers are in this room."
"Convenience is not as valuable as a personal connection and experience."
"Satisfaction is not equal to engagement."

 – Robin Dolan, Aurora Theatre

“After learning new strategies in the Wednesday afternoon session, we immediately did a deep dive into our own website experience. Following the INTIX conference our PAC has fully reevaluated our web strategy and we are now partnering with one of the exhibit hall vendors to revolutionize our online approach to selling tickets.”

– Sarah York Rubin, The Hillman Center for Performing Arts


Most Valuable Experience

“Bonding with fellow professionals in the field, feeling like part of a family, getting many great ideas to implement back home.”
– Masooma Hussain, Mattamy Athletic Center

“Getting to geek out over ticketing with other like-minded people.”
– Jennifer Mello, Village Theatre