Affiliate Beta Test Update

Thank you to the Affiliate beta test groups – CaRTA, GaPTA and LVRTA.  Their support over the past year in discovery of regional organization needs, trials, and successes has been informative and will be a great resource for regional organizations moving forward.

During the Affiliate beta test we learned the relationship between regionals and INTIX has primary benefits including the regionals ability to address the needs of local professionals at the beginning of their ticketing career and the opportunity for INTIX to reach and support those that are locally focused through advising on best practices.  We found that the benefits INTIX is most capable of offering and that regionals are most likely to utilize can be provided through a focused committee resource instead of a full-fledged legal affiliation. We also learned regionals are so disparate in their functional and legal design that the concept of a defined legal affiliation would be inaccessible by most organizations.

These outcomes led us to disband the Affiliate program.  A Regional Group Committee utilizing the information and relationships fostered by the Taskforce will continue.  The Committee will maintain a level of communication and support for regional groups.  With that in mind, the purpose of this committee will be refined in concert with regional group representatives and approved by the board to meet their growing needs over the coming months.

Please reach out to the Regional Ticketing Group Committee Co-Chairs, Lisa Burrage or Aren Murray, with any questions.