INTIX/Regional Ticketing Group Relationship Update

Based on information collected from Regional Ticketing Group leaders and summarized over the last several years, an outline for an INTIX/Regional Ticketing Group Affiliate relationship structure has been created by the INTIX Board of Directors.

The plan for 2015 is for this new Affiliate relationship to be beta-tested by 2-3 Regional Groups that meet the relationship requirements and are interested in collaborating with INTIX. After the test is over, the Affiliate relationship structure will be evaluated and reviewed by the beta test Groups and the INTIX Board of Directors.

The Regional Ticketing Group Meeting at the conference in Denver on Wednesday, January 14 at 2:15pm will include a brief overview, answer questions and provide a forum for a more detailed discussion with those Groups interested in beta testing.

Please review the Affiliate relationship outline by clicking on the below link or cutting and pasting it into your web browser:

After reviewing the outline, if your Regional Ticketing Group has questions or is interested in beta testing the Affiliate structure, please contact someone from the Regional Ticketing Group Committee listed below. Our goal is to have the beta test Groups in place by January 30, 2015.

Jennifer Staats Moore,, INTIX Regional Group Committee Co-Chair
Anna Zirbel,, INTIX Regional Group Committee Co-Chair
Laura Zehe,, INTIX Regional Group Committee Board Liaison