Mentor Checklist - What will I do as a mentor?
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11/4/2016 at 12:35:40 PM GMT
Mentor Checklist - What will I do as a mentor?

Mentor Program Information

What will I do as a mentor?

As a mentor, you will be expected to…

  • Welcome - Welcome new Red Dots via phone or email once they have been assigned you as their mentor within 1-2 weeks of being assigned. 
  • Contact Info - Offer your help and contact information so that you can be a resource for your Red Dot. They may ask you questions about INTIX, the conference,, or the ticketing industry in general.
  • Red Dot Forums - Utilize the INTIX Red Dot Forums by introducing yourself as a Mentor, answering questions added by Red Dots and posting any tips or tricks you’ve learned from your past experiences.
  • Prepare - Help them prepare (e.g. packing, scheduling and travel, choosing sessions, etc.) so that they can make the most out of their first INTIX conference experience.
  • First Timer's Breakfast - Schedule a time and place to meet up with your Red Dot at the INTIX Conference and participate in First Timer’s Breakfast (mandatory).
  • Red Dot Lounge - Volunteer to spend time at the Red Dot Lounge.
  • Follow Up - Reach out to your Red Dot after the conference, remaining their Mentor, and a resource, for a total of two years. 


We recommend you reach out to your Red Dots(s) a couple of months in advance of each conference to review key points about the conference such as hotel reservations, planning which sessions to attend, or navigating the various events, activities, and networking opportunities.  

 We encourage you to meet with your Red Dots periodically during the conference to help ensure a positive first experience.  Furthermore, we would appreciate it if you welcomed all Red Dots by volunteering your time at the “Red Dot Lounge”, or any of the events specifically planned for the Mentor Program (full agenda w/ additional details to come).