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Current Status:
The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc throughout our live entertainment industry.  This is obvious.  Ticket professionals are on the front lines representing their organizations in all levels of communication regarding events, postponements, cancellations plus shouldering the heavy lifting for the reverse logistics activities.  Many of our colleagues, friends and co-workers are facing the challenges, worries and realities of a lack of financial stability as they are laid off, furloughed or their jobs are eliminated.  

INTIX’s Position:  
INTIX is not, unfortunately, an advocacy or lobbying organization.  Therefore, we do not have advocates, lobbyist or consultants at national levels.  Sadly, our live entertainment front-line ticket professionals are in many ways, a “lost tribe” and not a part of multi-national fundraising causes.   INTIX wants to change this!  We can make a difference in the lives of our fellow professionals.  

INTIX’s Creates Fund:  
INTIX has partnered with various stakeholders on the creation of the INTIX Member COVID-19 Relief Fund.  What does this mean?  It is a two-front program.  First, INTIX will solicit donations/contributions to this fund from our constituencies, our partners, our friends, colleagues and the live entertainment industry by all means possible.  Second and as the Fund balance grows, we will open a fund application process for INTIX members (defined as current & paid members) to receive a one-time $100 award from the fund for whatever they may need.  There will be no judgement on need; no proof of need required; no complicated or cumbersome processes but only some basic information on the requesting member for the paperwork and tracking of the granted funds.  We will process the requests in order of receipt and send the member a $100 check (USD$) from the Fund.   Grant application information will be sent to INTIX members.  We anticipate award applications to open in the next weeks as the Fund balance is created and in growth.  

Our INTIX family is in pain and a world of need right now.  We can directly HELP and SUPPORT our colleagues NOW, but we need your help, your support, your largesse, your service more than ever!  Your donation today can make the difference for a colleague in profound ways to bridge the gaps economically.  

Every gift is important, regardless of size, and will GROW the Fund.  Gifts can be acknowledged or anonymous.  Gifts can be a one-time gift or can be set up as a recurring gift.  INTIX is a 501c3 not-for-profit organizations therefor all contributions are tax deductible as allowed by US law.  All gifts will be acknowledged and all gifts totaling $300 and above will qualify donors as an INTIX Chairman’s Circle donor.  If you would like to make a pledge and pay by check or need an invoice please use the online form or contact us at or call 212.629.4036.  

If you would like more information on providing lead level gifts, setting up a matching gift commitment, making anonymous gifts, hosting a virtual fund raising activity or to discuss the Fund further please contact INTIX CEO, Maureen Andersen at