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Know a superstar? Nominate them for one of the industry awards INTIX gives out once a year to showcase those who have demonstrated leadership, service and achievement.

Education & Events

While it’s true that INTIX.org has tons of useful features, our organization is all about the people that are in it, and we love bringing them together.

Education & Events | Annual Conference

Attended by hundreds of influential ticketing professionals each January, the annual conference is INTIX’s must-experience event of the year.

Education & Events | Annual Conference | Program Overview

Dozens of educational workshops cover topics ranging from managing money and staff to attracting new audiences and integrating new technologies. And our keynote speakers are always as inspirational as they are informative.

Education & Events | Annual Conference | Exhibitors

With so many great products and services on display, you may feel like a kid in a candy store.

Education & Events | Annual Conference | Sponsors

The Annual Conference is also a time to see and be seen by your peers. Sponsorship opportunities abound.

Education & Events | Annual Conference | Who & Why

With so many smart and talented leaders present, the Annual Conference is a spectacular occasion to meet and greet.

Education & Events | Online Learning

Engage with speakers and members in real time to learn about the topics of the day during live webinar events.

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