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Newsletter Polls & Results

Each month, one poll is sent out in the INTIX monthly newsletter asking members about a specific topic or concept.  Each poll takes about 30 seconds to answer but allows INTIX members to gain tremendous insight into current trends and best practices, and to truly learn more about how your industry colleagues conduct their business.  INTIX members have several weeks to answer the survey before the results are tallied up.  You can view this month’s topic as well as previous months’ results below.

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This Month's Member Connections Topic:

Managing Volunteers NEW TOPIC!
Posted By:  J.Michel on 4/6/2017 at 12:59:29 AM GMT
I was wondering if people could give me some insight into successfully managing volunteers with a varying skill base. I work with an organisation that uses Volunteers for the general office work i.e. filing and mailouts, but . . . Click to read more.


Past Member Connections Topic & Poll:














































March 2017 Post: Top 5 Next Initiatives to Implement
Posted by K.Brennan, FutureTix

Forum Quick Poll:
What is the biggest setback or hinderence to moving your initiatives forward? 


February 2017 Post: Incentives to Subscribers
Posted by K. Devaux, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Forum Quick Poll:
What incentives do you offer to subscribers to renew early?

January 2017 Post: Industry Trends
Posted by A. Kline, ShowClix

Forum Quick Poll:
What do you feel is the next up and coming topic in our industry?


December 2016 Post: Decreasing Member Numbers
Posted By: J. Michel

Forum Quick Poll:
What have your membership / subscriber rates done over the last two years?



November 2016 Post: Breakdown by Sales Channel
Posted By:  K. Brennan, FutureTix

Forum Quick Poll:
What percentage of your total revenue is derived from group sales?


October 2016 Post: Souvenir Tickets - Are they still meaningful
Author: J. Waldschmitt, Des Moines Performing Arts

Forum Quick Poll:
What kind of tickets does your organization distribute for subscribers?


September 2016 Post: Internal Ticketing & Staff Requests
Author: K. Devaux, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Forum Quick Poll:
Internal Ticketing Requests - How do staff at your organization request staff tickets?


August 2016 Post: Order Reprint Fees
Author:  Ellen Yehling, Verizon Arena

Forum Quick Poll:
Does your organization charge a reprint fee? If so, how much?



July 2016 Post: Have you had your mobile moment -- website traffic and conversions?
Author: Peter Monks, Ambassador Theatre Group

Forum Quick Poll: Web Traffic - Mobile vs. Desktop
Does your website get more mobile traffic than desktop?


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