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To sign up for any of the following INTIX Committees and Task Forces, please fill out this form or contact with your interest!


Committee: Awards
Jennifer Staats Moore, Rialto Center for the Arts-GSU
Board Liaison: Alison Barry, State Univ. of New York at Fredonia

Purpose: The Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing materials from nominees for the INTIX Awards and then rates these submissions to determine winners (except the Spirit Award, which is voted upon by the membership). The committee also helps generate overall enthusiasm for the awards. Awards committee members cannot nominate, nor can they be nominated for any award.

Meeting Schedule & Method:  Most of the communication is done by email and through the Awards Committee Group on the INTIX website.

Three Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • The committee's work is limited mostly to late October - late November
  • Get to read some incredible stories on what industry colleagues are doing
  • Committee members help determine who gets recognized by INTIX for their achievements

Contact Info: Jennifer Staats Moore;; Alison Barry,

Committee Members:

Skypp Cabanas, Center Theatre Group Norman Major, Segerstrom Center for the Arts David Winn, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Geo Haynes, Berkeley Repertory Christina Pryor, Opry Entertainment Laura Zehe, AudienceView
Sarah Hutton, Choice Ticketing Russell Thompson, SUNY New Paltz
Dave Lowenstein, UCLA Judy Webb, Grand 1894 Opera House  

Committee: Certification Committee
Chair(s): Dan DeMato, FutureTix
Board Liaison: Carrie Farina, MGM Resorts International

Purpose: To explore and develop a certification program for INTIX members.

Meeting Schedule & Method: Currently on hold awaiting results and next steps of bringing in an outside consultant.  Meetings to be determined based on need.

Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • We have gone through a discovery phase of what would be involved to certify Ticketing Professionals.

Contact Info: Dan DeMato,; Carrie Farina.

Committee: Conference -  2018 Baltimore
Chair(s):  Bernard Berry, Wolf Trap Foundation
Board Liaison: Tammy Enright, Smithsonian Institution

Purpose: Help steward the most important, relevant conference in our business/ Work with the top professionals in our industry / Show a creative, business side you may not get a chance to in normal duties

Meeting Schedule & Method: Quarterly meetings throughout the years prior to the conference, the committee meets with and without the board of Directors/Headquarters to plan and discuss key items for the event. Committee schedule beings to pick up in July and is heaviest in January for the actual event.

Three Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • Committee members get to host the industry and event in their 'home-town' showing the industry the highlights of the area and hospitality
  • Ability to participate in sub-committees (Programming, Hospitality and Fundraising)
  • Hosting of venue tours or selecting of on-site events

Contact Info: Bernard Berry,; Tammy Enright,


Committee: Education
Chair(s): Andrew Bragman, Washington Nationals; Denise Smithson-Green, Des Moines Performing Arts
Board Liaison: Jenifer Thomas, Disney Theatrical Group

Purpose: Maintain and identify education initiatives through email, newsletters, the website, message boards and social media, while keeping a library of knowledge-based materials to be able to work closely with the local conference committee in a joint effort to ensure that the association's signature event is consistent with INTIX's commitment to education and excellence, and that the content and program offered reflects the diverse needs of the membership.

Meeting Schedule & Method: After the conference, a post-mortem meeting is scheduled.  There are emails throughout the year with presentation proposals via website in August.  The busiest time of the year is August and September.

Three Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • Very diverse committee with members from the US, Canada and the UK spanning across all genres, including sports, performing arts, and different ticket agencies
  • We are all Scorpios
  • We all love cheese

Contact Info: Andrew Bragman,; Denise Smithson-Green,; Jenifer Thomas,

Committee: Exhibitor Relations and Sponsorship
Mary Jane Avans, SD&A Teleservices; Guislaine Bulman,
Board Liaison: April Moon, Canadian Stage

Purpose: Working with INTIX staff to identify and encourage potential exhibitors and sponsors.   Committee members demonstrate our appreciation of support from exhibitors and sponsors through written and verbal communication.  Fun thank you gifts and prizes are distributed to exhibitors at conference.

Meeting Schedule & Method:  Meetings are conducted via conference calls throughout the year as needed.   Committee members gather prior to the opening reception at conference to meet and thank vendors.

Three Fun Facts & Accomplishments:

  • In New Orleans, traditional NOLA pralines will be distributed as thank you gifts to all exhibitors
  • Gift cards prizes will be given to the lucky few who draw special tagged gifts to exhibitors
  • The committee will develop new ways to identify new exhibitors and sponsors and the thank existing exhibitors and sponsors in the current year!

Contact Info: Mary Jane Avans,; Guislaine Bulman,; April Moon,

Committee Members:

Jim Barczak, ShowClix Bruce Morrison, Ticketfly Fred Proscino, Practical Automation
Carolyn Campbel, MGM Resorts Peter Monks, Shakespeare Distillery Jamie Vosmeier, Fox Theatre
Dusty Kurtz, TicketsWest Anwar Nasir, LA Philharmonic  

Committee: Fundraising
Linda Forlini, Ticket Philadelphia

Purpose: Raise general operating funds for Association, assist with sponsorships for annual Conference, and act as part of strategic team for live auction packages. With successful fundraising we will provide more grants and continue to provide webinars and conferences and grow the association.  Assistance is needed with applying for grants, requesting donations and holding fundraising events.

Meeting Schedule & Method: Monthly phone conference calls

Three Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • I am currently a committee of one!
  • I am not a professional fundraiser, I just play one on TV
  • Over the years I have dedicated countless hours raising money through the 50/50, Silent Auction and providing prizes to auction at the Conference
  • I am passionate about giving back and getting more people involved with this wonderful Association! It is very rewarding and fulfilling - come join me!

Contact Info: Linda Forlini,


Committee: Fundraising Activity
Linda Forlini, Ticket Philadelphia

Purpose: Creating fun activities and experiences to raise funds that support INTIX's very important mission.  Our committee solicits exciting vacation and entertainment packages throughout the year.  We work with and assist the Professional Benefit Auctioneer during the Live Auctions at the annual conference.  The funds raised help support the INTIX annual fund, professional development, education, scholarships and new programming initiatives.

Meeting Schedule & Method: Quarterly, via conference calls

Three Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • Transformed the former silent auction committee into the Fundraising Activities Committee to plan fun activities for conference attendees including the live auction and the prize boxes.
  • Raised almost $20.000 at the Conference - January 2016, hoping to match or increase with conferences moving forward
  • Looking for committee members who love to be creative and especially like to create fun activities

Contact Info: Linda Forlini,


Committee: Member Connections Committee
Kelly Brennan, FutureTix; Kevin Devaux, Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Board Liaison: Amy Kline, ShowClix

Purpose: To welcome and help all industry professionals, new and long-time members, get the most out of their membership.  We strive to engage and facilitate conversation both in person as well as digitally, through, various social media channels, newsletters and more. We also manage the Red Dot Mentor program.  The principle behind the INTIX Mentorship Program is to allow more experienced or more knowledgeable members to help guide other members when it comes to all things ticketing.  Mentors help guide Red Dots both by providing specific knowledge about INTIX policies, procedures, and other helpful, relevant information as well as by sharing their general industry knowledge and expertise. View the web page here!

Meeting Schedule & Method: We hold one meeting per quarter but do sometimes have smaller groups that volunteer to get together to discuss a specific initiative that we're pushing in addition to these quarterly meetings.  These additional meetings are totally optional and not needed to be part of the committee.

We use Facebook Group Messenger for our meetings.  It's been helpful because it allows everyone the chance to talk (rather than having 20 people on a phone call). If you cannot make the meeting, you can always follow up separately with the committee chair or read the Facebook Messenger Chat log to see what you missed.

Three Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • The use and interaction of the Forums on the website has dramatically increased this year
  • This is the first year for the INTIX Mentor Program!
  • The Member Connections Committee is compromised of people from several different continents including North America, Europe and Australia

Contact Info: Kelly Brennan,; Kevin Devaux,; Amy Kline,

Hayley Chapman, MLSE Tara Ferguson, Ottawa Bluesfest  Mandi Grimm, etix

Peter I'anson, JMM

Ami Johnson, TicketForce

 Jo Michel, Michel Consultancy

Kelley Monts de Oca, Durham Performing Arts Center

Duncan Moss, Ravinia Festival Association

 Barrett Newman, Washington Ballet

Richard Powers, Wolf Trap Foundation



Committee Name: Nominating
Joesph Carter, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Purpose: To coordinate the nominating process for nominations to the Board of Directors. To serve on this committee, you must be an INTIX member with full INTIX voting privileges.

Meeting Schedule & Method: Phone conference calls beginning in summer through election of new Board of Directors filling seats of those exiting.

Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • This is the only committee where the committee members must be voted in by the current board of directors
  • Committee members help determine who will be on INTIX Board of Directors

Contact Info: Joseph Carter,


Committee Name: Professional Development Grant
Chair(s): Christina Allen, Senators Sports & Entertainment
Board Liaison: Jennifer Butler, Ravinia Festival Association

Purpose: The Professional Development Grant Committee awards financial grants to applicants to attend the INTIX Annual Conference

Meeting Schedule & Method: Meetings are conducted prior to the application process starting, and then held again once the application deadline closes.

Three Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • In 2017, we awarded $10,000 to grant applicants to attend the Annual Conference & Exhibition
  • We have been awarding grants since 2004
  • We offer opportunities to get involved with other committees and to volunteer at INTIX

Contact Info: Christina Allen,; Jennifer Butler,

Committee Name: Regional Groups
Aren Murray, Tobin Center; Holly Mckenzie, The Peace Center
Board Liaison:
Josh Ziegenbusch, Oakland Athletics

Purpose: Ignite success for INTIX’s relationship with Regional Group leaders by being a resource and connection point between INTIX and Regional Group leaders in entertainment ticketing; supporting outreach and providing growth for the leadership within these groups. Focusing on networking, guiding leadership, connecting with other Regional Group leaders, and facilitating involvement within INTIX. As a result the committee will enhance INTIX’s values of Community, Education and Leadership.  To serve on committee, you must be an INTIX member with full INTIX voting privileges.

Meeting Schedule & Method: Meet quarterly [3rd Thursday at 1PM Central in April, July, and Oct] with committee members to liaise in regards to INTIX involvement, their regional’s activities, and membership engagement via teleconference.

Three Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • We are active year round!
  • We know where the fun people meet!
  • Everybody is welcome!

Contact Info: Aren Murray,; Holly Mckenzie,; Josh Ziegenbusch,


Committee: Social Media
Christopher Worsham, Spectra Ticketing & Fan Engagement
Board Liaison:
Maureen Andersen, INTIX

Purpose: To increase awareness of INTIX and of INTIX’s social media presence, and offer consultation to INTIX members on utilizing social media within the industry

Meeting Schedule & Method: Bi-weekly web conference

Three Fun Facts or Accomplishments:

  • Began as a subset of the Member Connections Committee (nee Peer Consulting
  • Introduced the fun "Interview with an Award Winner" on Facebook, one of our most social popular features!
  • Manages the INTIX Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles

Contact Info: Christopher Worsham,; Maureen Andersen, 

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