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Goldstar: A Blueprint for How to Win the Mobile Transition

Thursday, December 12, 2013   (0 Comments)

Forbes (10/22/13) Taulli, Tom

The example of Goldstar can be used as a template for successful transitions to mobile applications. Goldstar has matured over the past decade into a ticketing operation generating revenues of more than $100 million, supporting a leading marketplace for live events. Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy notes that the company's first mobile app had limited functionality, but it served well as a testbed. "The first app gave us real experience interacting with customers, and we found out almost immediately what they liked and didn't like and could put that to use," McCarthy says. He also says a lot of attention was focused on the user interface as the insights gleaned from the first app were used to develop its successor. "I always ask: how easy can we make it?" McCarthy notes. He points out that the user only has to make a few clicks to summon all the options available from the Goldstar website with the mobile app, while the company also has an obsession with delivering speed and performance. "We even wrote a whole library of new [application programming interfaces] so that the app could be as fast as possible," McCarthy says. "Nowadays, users have big expectations about performance. They almost seem to think data is stored locally on the phone."


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